Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Burlington recognizes that our long-term success is supported by our commitment to act in sustainable ways. Our corporate social responsibility programs ensure we address impacts inside and outside our walls, allowing us to grow in harmony within the communities where we operate. We are making meaningful strides in this area, with the knowledge that this process is more of a marathon than a sprint. We know we must continuously improve, adjusting to the changing needs of our industry and world as we continue to grow.

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Our corporate social responsibility efforts are reflected across the following five pillars:


Attracting, developing, and retaining top talent is one of Burlington’s primary growth strategies because we know that our success depends on cultivating an engaged and motivated workforce. Our goal is to create an environment where associates are focused on driving results and everyone feels welcome and empowered to build a career.


Burlington is a caring company that gives back to its local and global community through established philanthropic programs that reflect the values of our team and rapid response efforts to unexpected disasters.


At Burlington, we understand that a successful business is one that manages its impacts and acts as a responsible steward of the environment. Today’s environmental challenges – from climate change to pollution to resource scarcity – mean that all companies should prioritize sustainability, and at Burlington, we are doing our part.


Burlington’s commitment to environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues extends beyond our direct operations, as we factor ESG considerations into our global supply chain. Issues such as human rights, environmental impacts and responsible sourcing all inform how we manage the suppliers we use to stock our facilities and stores.


Having a strong standard of ethical business practices and governance systems is key to our success as a business. These standards serve as a foundation for all of Burlington’s operations, from how risk is managed, to how employees treat one another, to accountability structures within the top levels of the organization.

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